Logistics revenues boosted by attractive solutions

Gateway Cargo services are popular due to innovative approaches, with great potential for the future.

The unbroken trend towards outsourcing is making production and supply chains ever more complex. Against this backdrop, revenue in supply chain management has surged forward again in the year thanks to a large number of new contracts.

Broad range of logistics services from a single source

Gateway Cargo offers comprehensive solutions in the field of logistics and supply chain management, but only in conjunction with air freight and sea freight. This interlinking of its three core activities is a central element in Gateway Cargo’s strategy. Based on experience, this approach has proven to foster customer loyalty, generate synergies, and tap into new potentials for all three areas of activity. The logistics services offered include warehousing, secondary distribution, just-in-time and just-in-sequence delivery, along with value-added services such as order management, re-packaging, order picking, labeling, and reverse logistics.

Innovative direct-to-market solutions

In 2022, Gateway Cargo scored resounding successes with a number of new approaches, offering clients more flexible freight distribution while reducing their working capital. With this “direct-to-market” concept, clients can dispense with high-risk warehousing because Gateway Cargo looks after the delivery of the products right through to the end-customer while “storing” and controlling stocks “on the way”, i.e. during the transportation flow.

IT backed monitoring of the entire supply chain

Real-time monitoring of freight throughout the supply chain is crucial in both complex direct-to-market contracts and more straightforward logistics operations. Gateway Cargo’s advanced IT systems are responsible for clinching about half of their customer contracts. The company provides Internet-based consignment tracking, reporting, and logistics management software, along with integrated applications for order and warehouse management. If even the slightest discrepancy occurs in the transport chain, the event management system automatically sends a message to the client. Transparency is enhanced through stock control and supply chain management visibility applications.