Gateway Cargo launches new project logistics business model

Industrial Projects

Based on its worldwide network and its air and sea logistics capabilities, Gateway Cargo offers integrated logistics turn-key project forwarding and management services to various industries on a global scale.

The construction of plants and other big projects as well as the manufacturing of bulky equipment and modules may present very challenging and complex logistics and forwarding problems as they often require the transportation of very heavy and oversized loads.

Gateway Cargo’s dedicated project competence is based in Rochester (United Kingdom) and encompasses a network of more than 120 specialists worldwide. They develop transportation solutions that allow fast and secure shipment of plant parts and other bulky and oversized goods used in a great variety of projects.

Gateway Cargo provides its tailor-made services to various engineering procurement and construction companies. It also specialises in serving the cloud computing and data center storage industry. To the power and energy sector, Gateway Cargo provides solutions for the supply of large generating plants and wind farms.

Moreover, it offers its services to various manufacturers and suppliers of industrial plants, heavy equipment, and oversized modules.