At Gateway Cargo, people use their brain power to move the freight

In spite of advancements in computer and transport technologies, forwarding and logistics remains a people-centric business. Gateway Cargo recognises its employees as the backbone of the company, essential to its success.


Gateway Cargo’s first-class reputation with its customers is based on the passionate determination of its staff to find and implement the very best solution to any transportation and logistics problem, however difficult it might be – true to the company’s motto: “New Choice” in Regional Logistics.

The workforce is a decisive competitive advantage

Gateway Cargo operates on a lean, asset-light business model that heavily relies on purchased freight capacities and rented infrastructure. This approach makes managing and coordinating international subcontractors a complex and demanding task that requires experienced, creative, and responsible personnel at all hierarchical levels. Gateway Cargo is well-equipped with qualified, motivated employees who excel at building and maintaining strong customer relationships while remaining agile and adaptable. With their unwavering commitment to operational excellence, our employees make a significant contribution to our development.

Ensuring equal opportunities leads to natural diversity.

At Gateway Cargo, diversity and equal opportunities are the result of hiring the most qualified candidate for the job. Our high percentage of female staff is a testament to our commitment to refute the outdated stereotype that the logistics industry is a “male sector”.