Delivering containers to the ground for unloading is a popular option. Our SLT (Side Loading Trailers) have been designed to lift up to 35 tonnes. It can deploy a container in 2 minutes and is a one man operation. SLT has Hydraulic Sliding Cranes which allow for lifting of 20′, 30′ or 40′ containers. It also has the ability to lift 2 x 20′ containers and offloading on to the ground is possible. The lifting arm is directly above the stability leg for added safety.

Avoid hiring a separate crane to manoeuvre the container, this can be another cost-effective option. This is also a much safer option than unloading your container from height.

We can also provide drop and collect service which means that when one container is delivered, another one can be taken away. This is an advantage where a container cannot be loaded quickly, saving on the cost of trailer rental. The additional benefits of loading containers on the ground include convenience, flexibility and safety.

As part of the enhanced offering we can provide FORS Gold deliveries.

Bookings will start from 15 February 2022. If you would like to find out more about the SLT container haulage services we can provide at Gateway Cargo, contact us today.