A key element of Gateway Cargo brand equity is our vision, which is built around developing partnerships with our customers in order to meet their freight forwarding and logistics needs. Our mission describes how we apply our product expertise to add value for our customers, while our values describe the principles that guide our actions internally and externally.


How we want to be known

Providing value to our customers by continuously improving and investing in our people and services.


What we do to make our vision come true 

Leverage our global presence and competence in Air and Ocean Freight by collaborating with our customers to unlock value in their supply chains and together build smart and efficient end-to-end logistics solutions.


What drives our behaviour to achieve the vision and mission




The connection to our customers

Gateway Cargo focuses on seven core industries to provide industry expertise, tailor-made solutions and value-adding solutions to improve its customers’ supply chains today and in the future. The industry vertical teams combine the appropriate products and services from our portfolio of Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Logistics, and Supply Chain Service offerings to create solutions that match each customer’s particular demands. These can range from the excellence of Gateway Cargo freight forwarding products through to designing and implementing end-to-end, integrated supply chain offerings.

Customer focus

To fulfil the Gateway Cargo vision – to be a trusted, valued and respected partner – the company focuses on building long-term relationships with its customers and gaining a deep understanding of their markets, goals and strategies. Gateway Cargo aims to improve its customers’ supply chains in terms of total cost of ownership, visibility and lead times. Gateway Cargo has built up a comprehensive network of experts who understand the unique needs of each customer. Through ongoing communication with customers – at workshops, whiteboard sessions, customer service centres and joint management meetings – the company continually refines and improves its service offerings.

We can make your supply chain leaner, which will shorten time-to-market and will give you the opportunity to focus on your core business.

Key benefits we provide:

  • Reduced logistics costs
  • Shorter lead time
  • Improved return of assets
  • Productivity improvement

Local contact, wordwide network, seamless service

We leverage our global market presence to your advantage, thanks to our central procurement and capacity management, Gateway Cargo achieves the optimal balance between price and performance. As a supplier of ocean freight services and working in partnership with the industry’s “best-in-class” suppliers, we can give you access to almost unlimited storage and transport options. Gateway Cargo offers you a worldwide network and expert knowledge on site.

Gateway Cargo continually refines and improves its service offerings through ongoing communication with customers.